FlashAlert has collected and distributed school weather closure information to the news media for 44 years. With the arrival of the Internet two decades ago, the system grew from 60 school districts in Portland to more than 2,000 users across the NW and in Colorado Springs.

To make the system useful year-round, FlashAlert added a channel for news releases. Nearly every police and fire agency, from Longview to Medford, now use FlashAlert. In Portland, we distribute 30-40 news releases a day.

Messages are delivered via email, a web page that the media works from, and files pushed into news media websites.

Some organizations allow the public to self-subscribe to their emergency messages and/or news releases. FlashAlert Messenger delivers those messages to subscribers via email, and push notifications through the FA Messenger app for iOS and Android.


What is FlashAlert?

FlashAlert is a platform for distributing press releases and closure notifications. It helps organizations of all sizes efficiently share emergency updates and news releases with the media and the public.

What are the two service tiers?

FlashAlert has two service tiers:

  • Basic Tier: This tier is for small organizations, daycares, etc. It is limited to organizations with 40 or more members or daily customers. Basic allows you to post emergency messages.
  • Premium Tier: The premium tier introduces more tools, such as non-urgent news release distribution.
How do I submit a press release or closure notification?

Once logged in to your FA account, you’ll find options to “Post Closure or Emergency Report” and “Post News Release (non-emergency).”

Is there a cost or limit associated with submitting press releases or closure notifications?

Outside of the annual subscription fee to FlashAlert, there is no cost or limit for submitting press releases or emergency notifications.

How long does it take for a submitted press release or closure to be published?

Press releases and emergencies are sent immediately.

Can I schedule the release of a news release for a future date?

Absolutely! If you’d like to schedule a release in advance, you can easily do so from the editor by selecting “Save as Draft or Send Later,” set the date and time for release at the top of the screen and hit Update.

What types of organizations use FlashAlert?

Any organization, whether corporate, nonprofit, government, or educational, can use this platform to distribute press releases and closure notifications. FlashAlert handles news distribution for ODOT, OSP and nearly all police.

How will my press release or closure notification be distributed?

Your press release will be distributed through our network, which includes all media outlets, online platforms, and subscribers who have opted to receive updates from us. The media get emails, can view the info on a webpage, and the info is pushed into media websites and crawls.

Can I edit a press release after it has been published?

Yes. You can easily reopen the press release and correct the mistake. You can choose to re-send the corrected release to recipients again, or just hit Update to correct the release on the website without re-sending to the audience.

How do closure notifications work on FlashAlert?

Closure notifications are used to inform the public and media about temporary closures due to inclement weather or other conditions. Once submitted, the closures are sent directly to the media including local television news affiliates where your organization’s closure will appear on the scroll at the bottom of the screen (premium tier).

How can I stay updated on press releases and closure notifications from other organizations?

Using your free FlashAlert Messenger account, you can subscribe to receive email notifications, text alerts, or app push notifications about new press releases and closures. You can also explore our website to find press releases and emergency notifications from orgs all across the NW.